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How to become an expert in Android game development

Android games are most popular in Android app stores. One million Android apps are available on Google Play Store and more than 100,500 apps are entertainment apps. Most entertainment applications are games of various genres, such as puzzle ( 55808 ), racing (7581) and RPG (3389) . , sports (8468), word games (3409) , adventure (8154), etc. Games are the top selling Android apps on Play Store and other app stores. So, becoming an Android game developer is very important for all Android app developers Not all game developers take the top position in the game industry, only professionals can do it. If you want to become an expert in Android game development, you need great books to learn.

That's why today we have brought you great books. Below we have listed the best books on Android game development, from beginners to advanced levels If you are new to Android, you better learn Android App Development .

1. Game development for Android 4 has started

                 Android Game Development 4 Beginners Guide provides you with everything you need to know about Android game development and how to become a professional Android game developer. This is a great new book on Android game development. After finishing this book, you will be able to create your own game engine and games. He is the author of this book.  Mario Zechen R for Game Developers does a great job of explaining what an Android game developer needs to know.

How to become an expert in Android game development

2. Android Game Programming for Dummies

Developing games is a more difficult task, but this step-by-step guide explains how to easily develop games for Android phones. This book covers how to plan a game project, determine the best market for your game genre, how to design a good interface, the game animation life cycle, screen orientation, and how to create animations. The author of this book, Derek James, is an accomplished Android game developer and has developed several games including WordWise prom, Prixity, Puzzle Lords Free, Spades and Golf Solitaire.

How to become an expert in Android game development

3. Beginner's Guide to Android Game Development

This is a great book for those who want to start a career in Android game development. This book explains all the concepts in detail and clearly. Do you know Java? Then this book is for building your first Android app. The author of this book is easy to follow, James Cho does a good job of clearly explaining all the concepts related to Android game development.

How to become an expert in Android game development

4. Start Android 3D Game Development

Android 3D Game Development Beginner is a book specifically for those who want to develop Android 3D games using Java and OpenGL ES. The author of this book, Robert Chen, explains everything we need to know about Android 3D game development. It uses example code to explain concepts in each part of game development, so it helps us understand the concepts effectively. If you want to develop Android games with high graphics, this book is a good material for you.

How to become an expert in Android game development

5. Android Game Recipes: A Problem Solving Approach

This book provides simple steps and explains everything using source code to test real-world coding problems and solutions. This book covers solutions to common 2D game development problems, such as menu design, collision detection, character movement techniques, animated backgrounds, and more.

How to become an expert in Android game development

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